Hi, I’m SirPsp. I created the Pixelmon-AU server to play Pixelmon with some mates. It is open to everyone, so jump in, bring ya mates, and have a good one!
I have been running a survival Minecraft server since 2011 (Acid Mines) and I write my own Minecraft plugins.

Pixelmon-AU is using The Pixelmon Modpack (Biomes O’ Plenty, Nature’s Compass, JourneyMap with radar enabled)

Become part of the community and join our Discord.

The server is hosted in Sydney, Australia.

* Custom Plugins *
* Wondertrade *
* Pokebuilder *
* Keep Inventory *
* GTS *
* EV Training *
* Vote Party *
* Poké Hunts *

The server is new with Pixelmon Reforged 8.2 – Come and shape our world!